Group of Companies

EQURA HEALTH offers clinical, administrative, operational and strategic management services in the cancer care domain through a number of group-companies:

  • Equra Health Business Solutions offers operational and strategic management and specialised support services to all Equra Health entities as well as to 3rd party customers.
  • Equra Health Engineering provides a dedicated linear accelerator and remote brachytherapy afterloader technical and support service to the group and to 3rd party customers.
  • Equra Health Equipment invests in and maintains specialised radiation therapy equipment used for cancer treatment.
  • Equra Health Human Capital employs all our professional personnel and forms the basis of best practice sharing initiatives across the country.
  • Equra Health IT looks after all network connectivity, application support and systems integration and application development needs of the group.
  • Equra Health Properties is a national oncology-focussed property holding and management company, which lease specialised space to professional practices and group companies from where they conduct their respective businesses.
  • Equra Health Training Centre offers specialised oncology-focused training to qualified professionals from South Africa and the rest of the African continent having a need to be up-skilled in more advanced treatment modalities and other aspects along the continuum of cancer care.