EQURA HEALTH Equipment, trading as Equra Health (Pty) Ltd, was started to ensure the financial strength to keep radiation treatment equipment up to date and appropriate for the type of radiation therapy demanded by modern medicine.
Over the past six years, the company has not only upgraded a significant number of its linear accelerators to have multi-leaf collimators (MLC) and electronic portal imaging devices (EPID), but has also invested in twelve new linear accelerators, the majority of which are equipped with 160-leaf MLC’s, 1024k EPIDs and megavoltage cone beam imaging capabilities.

At present, EQURA HEALTH Equipment owns 28 linear accelerators and their associated oncology information (OIS) / record & verify systems, four HDR Brachytherapy after loaders and in excess of 30 external beam computerized planning and remote contouring systems.

EQURA HEALTH Equipment has also invested heavily in physics QA and immobilization equipment to enable all units in the group to practice to the same high standard.