Equra Health Training Centre

As countries in Africa take their first steps to acquire modern radiation therapy technology, Equra Health, in partnership with Elekta, sees an opportunity to assist them from a training perspective and to accelerate these countries’ provision of world class radiation oncology services. The joint training center which is currently being established – fully equipped with an array of Elekta radiotherapy solutions – will serve as a focal point of these efforts.

It is widely known that the lack of enough skilled radiographers, medical physicists, dosimetrists and oncologists who can optimally use the latest technology can impede the delivery of radiation therapy services in any country. The training center will help address the problem of skilled care, both locally and in the rest of Africa as departments move from older therapy equipment to the latest Elekta technology.

The training center will also reinforce what Equra Health has already been doing in South Africa, and avail clinics in other African countries of these resources. Equra Health is involved in the full spectrum of cancer care delivery in South Africa, including intensive equipment training, clinical training programs on advanced radiotherapy techniques, a comprehensive quality assurance and incident reporting and review program, and – through its strategic alliance partner, the Independent Clinical Oncology Network (ICON) – comprehensive training for family practitioners on all aspects of cancer: early detection, referral pathways and patient follow-up.