Cerberus Oncology Support

Cerberus Oncology Support, through its registration as community pharmacies, and specialization in chemotherapy, offers a unique basket of expertise to its partners, including the following:

  • Sterile and non-sterile compounding dedicated to oncology and section 21-products (available to oncologists, DSP pharmacies and hospitals)
  • All aspects of effective procurement management
  • Consulting and reporting on cost-effective drug use, including the introduction and maintaining of drug lists or formularies  – a speciality pharmacist can assist the oncologist in making sound, cost effective medicine choices, based on quality, clinical care, and desired outcome – there for promoting ‘rational drug use’.
  • Product liability monitoring:   Quality assurance activities ensuring that compounded preparations meet criteria for identity, strength, quality, purity, and, where appropriate, sterility and bacterial endotoxin limit.

On a business level, Cerberus pharmacies offer the benefits of a shared service model, without the disadvantages of outsourcing.  Cerberus promotes specialization and standardization to achieve the following goals:

  • Process efficiency
  • Cost reduction
  • Process quality
  • Data visibility
  • Improved service levels

The purpose of Cerberus is not to duplicate existing market functions, or billing of medical aid claims, but to add clinical value and appropriate patient care through pharmaceutical knowledge and support in this speciality area.