Londoloza Medical (PTY) LTD

Londoloza Medical was officially established in 2007 as a result of the demonstrated need by the local and foreign industry for a turn-key solution in terms of the design and construction, using affordable yet efficient dry-stackable radiation shielding material, of radiation bunkers to expedite the construction of cancer care facilities.

Standard services:

  • Design of radiation bunkers as used in the medical and nuclear energy  industry.
  • Manufacturing and supply of specialized dry-stackable bricks for radiation shielding and other requirements.
  • Construction of radiation bunkers according to engineering specifications.

Advantages of using the Londoloza Medical shielding techniques:

  • The re-locatable bunker walls cater for changing technology and/or geographical needs.
  • Local manufacturing and dry-stacking construction technique ensures short lead-times and extremely fast design-to-operational building status.
  • The dry-stacked bunker walls add value to the property since future tenants or owners can use the area for a variety of other purposes.
  • Customized design with associated pricing caters for space and financial constraints.
  • Unique bunker roof design and construction allows for cost-effective and practical office space above bunker.

Contact Details:

Erhardt Korf or Hennie Smit at +27 21 944 3600

Londoloza PAIA Manual

PAIA Manual Londoloza